Communications Centre of Excellence 

The Communications Centre of Excellence (CCoE) fosters audience awareness and involvement through internal and external communications leadership, best practices, and support that aligns with the Pacific Western Group of Companies Brand Identities, Safety Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Strategic Priorities.

The mission of the CCoE is to power communications strategies that support the Pacific Western Group of Companies’ business objectives. It is responsible for the standardization, governance, and benchmarking of corporate-wide communications, as well as the production of content and messaging that is clear, consistent, timely, and relevant to a diverse set of audiences.

CCoE services include:


Award-Winning Communications 

Within the first year of operation, the CCoE and its internal communications app, PWT InTouch, garnered the attention of the transit industry. We were awarded the 2018 Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) Corporate Leadership Award in the category of Marketing and Communications.

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Transit Demand in a Global Pandemic

Transit Demand in a Global Pandemic

We have all seen, firsthand, the changes in society that have been evident during this unprecedented pandemic. The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected all countries, provinces, and cities in different ways – whether that is in our business and work-life or our social lives. For many, it has meant spending a lot more time at home, making the demand for public transit decrease significantly.