Under our ‘Partners with Transit’ program, we create unique public/private partnerships with the municipalities we serve.

Pacific Western is at the forefront of the movement to improve cities through smart and sophisticated public transportation. Through unique public-private partnerships, we provide urban transit services to various municipalities and public agencies in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. PWTransit supplies the complete portfolio of operations, maintenance, and dispatch/scheduling services for regular route operation, as well as specialized transit for the mobility-challenged.

The cities we serve enjoy the highest fare box recovery ratios relative to operating costs. The result is lower transit subsidies. And in today’s economic environment, that matters. Under our “Partners with Transit” program, we create true public/private partnerships that meet the unique, ever-evolving demands of public transit service. With a central focus on superior customer service, our goal is to make every passenger’s journey a satisfying travel experience while getting them Safely Home.

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