CASE STUDY | December 2021

Cochrane On Demand Transit


Town of Cochrane


Within the Cochrane, AB town boundary, connecting with commuter services that take residents to areas of Calgary, AB.


September 2019


Created as a flexible substitute for the higher expensed and time-consuming rigid bus transportation programs.

Project Overview

The town of Cochrane, AB, was faced with ongoing challenges with their public transportation. After researching solutions, they discovered significant issues with their conventional transit model due to the length of the routes, combined with the number of routes needed to service demand. They were left with an unviable, financially draining option for a town its size. Cochrane researched programs like Uber, subsidized taxis, and autonomous transport, searching for a suitable replacement that was cost-effective, user friendly, and adaptable.

In partnership with SOUTHLAND Transportation, a Division of the Pacific Western Group of Companies, the Town of Cochrane chose to implement an innovative and unique solution to their transit problem, Cochrane On Demand Local Transit (COLT).

The Solution

A responsive, demand-based transit system that provides local residents with an affordable and accessible transit option was chosen to address the town’s need for inclusion and accessibility. By analyzing the unique needs of the Cochrane community, we were able to develop a transportation solution that offered seamless connectivity for residents. The COLT system connects the smaller and underserved regions of the community and gives independence to those who would have formerly relied on friends and family as their primary form of travel.

The service enables all residents and visitors to travel around Cochrane easily with accessible stops all over town to better meet residents’ needs and priorities. Users can book service online or over the phone to receive wheelchair-accessible transportation within the town’s boundary. Looking to the future, ongoing planning and modelling of this integrated regional service will allow users to seamlessly connect via a hub to Calgary’s commuter service.



Shared Rides


On Time Performance


Average Customer Rating

The launch of the COLT program had immense demand: over 12,000 riders during the first 3 months and over 5,000 created accounts. COLT implemented free rides first 3 months of the program. The second half of the program occurred during COVID-19, and the flexible nature of the service allowed COLT to adjust to demand. During this time, they were able to save resources and offer free transportation. It also allowed Cochrane to save high amounts in overall fleet costs, infrastructure and technology. Reducing the operation of the vehicles during this time to adapt to the demand has allowed for lower mileage and lower gasoline consumption.

Overall, the implementation of the COLT service has allowed Cochrane to save millions annually.


Residents and visitors of Cochrane who are looking to access local amenities and services, and commuters to the City of Calgary.


8 vehicles. Each sports a 21-seat capacity, ramps, wheelchair accessible, and bike racks.

“I’m so excited and happy there is more transportation available to my family with two special needs children who frequently rely on rides from a friend. For me, it’s made a change in my life.”

– Roba

Cochrane Resident

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