On-demand transit service gives underserved Canadians a new, revolutionary option for their public transportation needs. At Pacific Western Transportation, we’re leading the way with multiple municipalities across Canada already utilizing our on-demand systems. What keeps all of them running like clockwork is our centralized Customer Care Centre – a key component and vital hub of our on-demand operations.

Our call centre is fully equipped to offer dedicated support to eight different on-demand transit systems and our On-It and regional commuter services. This flexibility allows us to operate the call centre with agents who look after multiple systems, reducing both staff numbers and expenses.

Our call centre agents are trained to book trips on multiple platforms, while offering impressive call-taking coverage. Pacific Western Transportation can also work in addition to a local transit system’s call-taking staff, facilitating extra coverage during peak customer calls and after-hours communications with riders.

This specialized knowledge makes us unique, as we have the experience required to seamlessly convert a traditional transit operation to an on-demand service with extremely high on-time performance and customer satisfaction. Utilizing PWT’s centralized reservation resources will not only reduce average call times, it will also lower overall costs.

Our On-Demand Customer Care Centre 2021 Performance

  • Operates 365 Days a year, 5:00 AM to midnight
  • Handling over 35,000 calls
  • Resolving over 7,200 support tickets annually
  • On-demand operators completed over 319,000 passenger trips
  • 93% on-time performance with 92% customer satisfaction

Customers Have Multiple Options for Booking a Trip

Our on-demand transit services primarily rely on the customer’s ability to navigate an app or browser to access a ride. However, a significant number of our clients still require a dial in option to book their trip, and that’s why our call centre remains paramount to our success.

Our agents are ready to assist users who can’t access the app for any reason – age, cost, or unfamiliarity with technology. Here’s the bottom line: we are there to support our most vulnerable riders – those who can truly appreciate the convenient accessibility of our On-Demand Customer Care Centre. Call centre staff can create accounts, provide information on the on-demand transit service, make bookings on behalf of customers and manage customer complaints. These people are great at what they do, and there’s no better example of this than Saju Ghimire.

On-Demand Call Centre Representative Wins R.B. Colborne Award of Excellence

Saju Ghimire has been working for Pacific Western Transportation since the summer of 2020 and has recently been recognized with the 2021 R.B. Colborne Award of Excellence. The annual award recognizes and celebrates employees who make a significant contribution to Pacific Western Transportation through a commitment to our core values.

As an on-demand call centre representative, Saju exemplifies the professionalism required to service our clients by troubleshooting technical difficulties, assisting with payments and showing empathy and patience when helping frustrated customers. Her excellent customer service is her defining quality, and it’s precisely what makes Saju such a valuable team member.

“As a customer service representative, I would say that customer service is a main core value for me. Also, the safety of customers, plus drivers and co-workers, is another important core value. In my role, I have the opportunity to help different passengers who are from different cultures and vary in age, and I’m pleased I can assist them.”

Our Call Centre Adds Tremendous Value When PWT Is Contracted to Provide On-Demand Transit Service

At Pacific Western Transportation, our call centre can tailor a unique customer experience to any on-demand transit service. In addition, we can monitor operational KPIs and report on the performance of the many services we offer.

We’re proud of the team we’ve put together in our On-Demand Customer Care Centre. We’d appreciate the opportunity to prove just how valuable this service can be when transitioning from conventional transit to PWT’s revolutionary on-demand service.

Want to learn more about how our on-demand call centre can become an integral part of your local public transportation operation? Get in touch with us at ondemand@pwt.ca.