Bowie Sustainable Leadership Award

Todd Peterson, with the Transit Division in Whistler B.C., received the 2016 Bowie Sustainable Leadership Award. The award given in Calgary as part of the Pacific Western Group of Companies annual Education Day celebrations.


The Bowie Sustainable Leadership award recognizes the valuable and sustaining leadership work that Douglas Bowie has provided to the corporation’s employees spanning two decades. The award is presented annually to an employee who has made a significant contribution in building leadership capacity within the Pacific Western Group of Companies.

As the company’s chief leadership architect Doug developed and facilitated countless employees and management leadership programs focused on strengthening formal and informal leadership.

Doug’s academic work and research concluded that three subsystems (Functional, Relational, Structural) are inextricably linked to leadership development. This model is informally known as KNOWBEDO – representing the essential elements that sustain the life of Leadership Systems.

This is an opportunity to nominate someone whose leadership makes a significant difference in you workplace!

This award acknowledges the legacy of Douglas Bowie, formerly Academic Director, Leadership Programs, Executive Education at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. The significant growth of the leadership capacity  for individuals and the organization overall are the result of his expertise and  dedication to Pacific Western Group of Companies over  the past 20 years.

A minimum of two employees are required to submit a nomination

    • Vice President approval is required
    • The Selection committee reviews all nominations and selects the award recipient
    • All submissions must be received at head office by November 30

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