Pacific Western Transportation wins the 2014 IMG Safety Award

Toronto, January 24, 2014 – Pacific Western Toronto is the proud recipient of the IMG
Safety Award for 2014.


The IMG Safety Award is given to the IMG Operator who exemplifies best practices in
operations from a safety standpoint and who demonstrates a leadership role that
benefits fellow members and the IMG organization. IMG monitors the activities and
safety records of its members and compare these results with recommendations from a
committee of past Safety Award winners and IMG Corporate Alliance members in the
insurance and safety industries. With the criteria being met finalists are selected, safety
records are reviewed one last time and a winners are determined.

Toronto General Manager, Dean Wright explains: “We are very excited about this award
as it acknowledges our commitment to safety. “Safely Home” is our deep conviction to
safety, and it is the ultimate promise we make to each other, to our clients, and to the
communities in which we operate.The Pacific Western Group of Companies is driven by safety. It is our first core value, and is at the heart of all that we do.”

About International Motorcoach Group:
As the leading motorcoach operator network in North America, International Motorcoach Group
comprises 50 independently owned premier bus charter companies. These 50 companies vary in
size, region and in diversity of business models with a range of offerings, including bus charters,
escorted tours, limousines and school buses. Charter services include sports travel, corporate
and meetings, family reunions, club outings, sightseeing tours, sporting events, business
excursions, church gatherings, wedding shuttles, and so much more. Comprehensively, the
members of IMG operate more than 7,000 vehicles in the United States and Canada. Each year,
more than 21 million charter and tour customers count on IMG members to provide their charter
services. Each of IMG’s member companies are required to adhere to strict Standards and
Qualifications for invitation-only membership that ensure they operate with the highest levels of
performance. It means taking safety seriously on a personal level throughout our company.

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