Pacific Western Group of Companies purchased by Student Transportation of America/Student Transportation of Canada (STA/STC):

Student Transportation of America, Inc. wants to welcome Pacific Western employees to our family of bus companies.  We are delighted to have you with us and are providing questions and answers to what we anticipate will be frequently asked questions during this transition.

1. Will I be an employee with my current Pacific Western company when the merger is completed?

A: Yes, you will remain an employee of the company you currently work for after the merger.

2. As a result of the merger, will my current salary and benefits remain the same?

A: Yes, your salary and benefits will remain the same.  

3. Who is STA/STC (Student Transportation of America/Student Transportation of Canada)?

A:  STA/STC was established in 1997.  Currently, STA/STC operates more than 16,000 school buses across 26 states and 3 provinces. You can learn more about our company by visiting our website at

4. Will I remain in my current position and have the same responsibilities?

A: Yes, you will continue in your current role, performing your current responsibilities.  The work you have done and are doing before the merger will be the same after the merger.

5. Will I continue to work from the same facility I am in now?

A:  Yes, you will work at the same facility you are in now.

6. Will I still work for my current Manager and operations staff?

A:  Yes, you will report to the same supervisor and management staff at your location.

7. Will the name on the side of the vehicles remain the same?

Yes, all vehicles will continue to operate under the entity and brand from which they currently operate.  THERE WILL BE NO NAME CHANGES.

8. Will new equipment be purchased on an as-needed basis?

A:  Yes, equipment will continue to be replaced as required by customer needs and company schedules.

9. Will vehicles be maintained or fixed when problems or issues are identified?

A: All vehicles will continue to be under a strict service schedule and all repairs will be performed promptly.

10. If I currently have customer and employee meetings scheduled, should I keep them?

A: Yes, think of this as business as usual and conduct your day-to-day activities with customers, co-workers and other industry professionals as you have in the past.

11. Will there be additional meetings with our management and STA/STC management to get to know the new company?

A: Yes, there will be opportunities over the next few months for employees of the newly merged companies to meet and spend some time with each other

12. If one of my customers wants to meet representatives from STA/STC, what should I do?

A:  Please let your immediate supervisor know and we will schedule a meeting soon as possible.

13. Will Pacific Western employees have a career path across all of Canada and the United States?

A: Yes, open positions are posted across the Family of STA/STC companies all across North America and all qualified employees are encouraged to inquire/apply.

14. Can I keep previously planned vacation days or time off scheduled.

A: Yes, we encourage all employees to take earned and scheduled time off.  There is no need to change any scheduled time off due to the merger.

15. Will our calendars for time off and holidays remain the same after the merger?

A: Yes, you will follow the same time off and holiday schedule after the merger as you did before.

16. Will I continue to operate my current AM and PM route?

A: Yes, routes currently operated will remain the same.

17. Will I retain my seniority?

A: Yes, your seniority will remain the same. There will be NO changes or loss of seniority for any PW employee. 

18. In the event I have questions that come to mind in the coming days and weeks – how can I get answers?

A: You can email questions to and receive a response.  All questions will be answered in this manner.  If you do not have an email, please call a member of our team and you will be put in contact with a person who can answer your questions.

Have questions not covered in the FAQs?

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