Our Centre of Innovation and Excellence provides top-level coaching from skilled and dedicated instructors.

Safety is at the top of Pacific Western’s core values, informing and guiding everything we do. Indeed, protecting the safety of our people and the passengers we serve is the most important thing we do every day. Our commitment to world-class safety practices and results extends to all of our operations and all of our locations. Under the direction of our VP of Safety, as well as the safety directors for each line of business, safety consciousness is fully integrated into daily PWT business practices, processes and decisions. And we continually strive to elevate our safety performance, year after year.

A number of PWT initiatives reinforce our daily commitment to safety excellence:

  • Safely Home – The unifying brand for the PWT network of companies, rooted in the idea that every action or decision is centered around getting ourselves and passengers Safely Home.
  • Centre of Innovation and Excellence – PWT’s centre for training excellence leads the industry, with skilled instructors and extensive training on safety practices.
  • Mobile Training Unit – Safe driving techniques are at the core of PWT’s state-of-the-art, simulated driver training technology.
  • Project Compass – Our cutting-edge software technologies gather, organize and deliver data that ensures accurate reporting and measurement of safety performance.
  • Key Performance Indicators – KPIs are used to measure overall performance of our operations, including but not limited to safety.
  • Annual Safety Conference – A yearly symposium to exchange and brainstorm best practices.

Together, these initiatives ensure that every employee takes personal responsibility for safety, all of the time.