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Since 1957, PWT’s Student Transportation division has recognized that we transport the most precious cargo. 

For parents and caregivers, entrusting a child to the care of someone else is one of the most difficult things they will ever do. At PWT, we understand this and safety is paramount. We utilize the safest, state-of-the-art vehicles and our operators are highly trained, possessing the skills and experience necessary to deliver their passengers Safely Home. 

Operating under the Century Transportation, Cold Lake Bus Lines, Diversified Transportation BC, McCluskey Transportation, Montgomery Bus Lines, On-It Regional Transit, Prairie Bus LinesSOUTHLAND Transportation,and Standard Bus Contracting BC & YK brands, we serve urban and rural communities in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon.

Our trusted and dependable professional drivers transport more than 100,000 passengers Safely Home each day. The knowledge gained over decades of transporting students and passengers of all ages and abilities has enabled us to fine-tune our extensive processes and procedures for managing our passengers in a safe, efficient, and reliable way. We have highly-skilled employees, a diverse fleet, and a solid track record of excellence in safety and customer service.

Our commitment to customer service excellence begins by building individual relationships with schools, customers, students, and parents. Our Strategic Priority of being the Service Provider of Choice compels us to work closely with everyone involved in order to understand and exceed customer expectations. This means being on time, efficient, safe, and responsive, while providing the proper equipment and expertise to make everything run smoothly.

One of our industry-leading programs is our nationally accredited driver training program through the Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada (MCPCC). This program teaches not only safe driving practices and habits but also ensures drivers meet regulatory standards based on provincial and federal requirements and that student management is handled in a proactive method to create a safe environment for students. This, in addition to in-house licensing staff and close relationships with provincial governing bodies as a trusted carrier, promotes incident-free startups each school year and in new communities.

Being a leader in the student transportation industry means we actively participate in provincial and federal advisory boards and initiatives to advance the industry. We test new technologies, systems, and operating methods to ensure we are always expanding our knowledge and experience to better serve our customers. An example of our innovative approach is our large fleet of over 800 eco-friendly propane buses, regarded as the largest propane school bus fleet in Canada. As well, we offer desktop and mobile applications that provide accurate, live communication to customers, passengers, and staff.

In addition to K-12 and special needs student transportation, the Student Transportation division also provides public and private charters, para-transit service, employee transportation, commuter service, airport shuttle service, and fixed-route transit. Our prime locations, talented employees, and diverse fleet of over 3,000 units allow us to meet a wide range of people transportation needs across Canada.

What our customers have to say:

Horizon School Division’s Chief Operating Officer, Justin Arendt, met with us to talk about his experience working with SOUTHLAND in Saskatchewan. It was terrific to hear all the great things he had to say about our people.

Check out the video to discover what Justin Arendt had to say about his experience working with SOUTHLAND.

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