PWT is at the forefront of the movement to improve cities through smart and sophisticated public transportation.

Under the PWTransit Canada brand, our unique public-private partnerships provide urban transit services to various municipalities and public agencies in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. PWTransit supplies a complete portfolio of operations, maintenance, and dispatch/ scheduling services for regular route operation, as well as specialized transit for the mobility-challenged.

For over 50 years, PWTransit Canada has operated conventional, regional (inter-city), para, and custom transit services under contract to municipalities and transit agencies across Canada. Our 500+ transit employees, located in over 20 operating branches, operate a variety of transit vehicles and travel over 13 million kilometres annually.

PWTransit Canada is dedicated to being the industry’s transportation provider of choice, which includes superior safety programs and a commitment to customer service excellence. We pride ourselves on having positive client relationships and utilizing a collaborative approach that provides municipalities and agencies with innovative transit solutions. This includes developing and building new transit services focused on solving the needs of ridership and introducing effective transit options aimed at curtailing traffic congestion and reducing environmental impact.

PWTransit’s contract management programs utilize industry-leading Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to deliver on-time performance, service reliability, customer service, effective employee performance management, and well-executed vehicle maintenance programs. Each of our local branch managers is held accountable for the performance of our systems and is supported by corporate subject matter experts in human resources, labour relations, training, safety, maintenance, finance, and more.

PWTransit Canada’s proven experience and management of transit systems maximize the efficient allocation of capital resources and manpower, resulting in direct cost-savings while providing safe and reliable transportation services. Our transit operations across Canada offer strong transit management experience and expertise, as well as skilled teams of operators, maintenance professionals, and support staff who provide exceptional customer value.

PWT recognizes the critical role it plays in enhancing urban mobility for customers unable to utilize conventional transit services and has developed a variety of On Demand and MaaS (Mobility as a Service) transportation programs to provide reliable, customer-responsive, and efficient services to municipalities, transit agencies, and other customers.

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